Business brand mash up challenge

Take the business brand mash up challenge

We thought we would have a bit of fun, as it is the season to be jolly. Play this simple game and see if you can match back the brand assets (taglines in most cases) to their rightful home. In most cases we have taken a business brand and mashed with a retail product.

We have only used the typeface Arial and added a little proposition before each one to try and convince you the mash up is correct. Ask your self the question as you play; are these brands stronger now, weaker or were they any good in the first place? Answers on a postcard to the creative director!

The challenge starts here...

Citi Total brings robust protection to your business, helping you have complete control over your financial future:


Dell Advanced Performance is in every detail, of every component, in every product we produce:


Adidas Imagination at work – we've imagined every move you'll make, so you can stay one step ahead:


Duracell The power to do more – whatever the challenge it will last longer and be stronger with Duracell:


Budweiser for the smarter planet – the defined taste of beer for the smart occupants of planet earth:


Colgate Never Sleeps – 247 protection for your teeth healthcare, brush twice a day for protection that never sleeps:


GE Impossible is nothing – our experts come from every corner of the globe, together they know impossible is nothing:


IBM Great times are waiting with our technology powering your communities to do more:


Remember it's only a bit of festive fun, but it's gets you thinking, what do those words really mean?

(First correct postcard to the creative director will receive a prize. Actually you might find email quicker –